2020 Rally

iDesmo TravelsThis is a photo motorcycle grand tour. Ride to various destinations (interesting places, landmarks etc.) and take a picture of your bike, at that location. Points will be awarded for each location. At the end of the rally, riders with, a minimum, of 250 points will receive an iDesmo coin. There are many ways to score points. Easier pictures are worth less points. The more difficult it is to get the photograph, the more points it is worth. Go solo or in groups.

The rally runs from May 4, 2020 and November 27, 2020.

Upload Your Photos

After you upload your photo, please share to Instagram and/or Facebook with #idesmorides2020.

  • Please use the same email address for every submission.
  • You can only upload one photo at a time and the maximum file size is 10mb. Please don't upload full size images if possible.
    If you're sending from your phone, you may have better luck sending smaller images when it asks what size to upload.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.
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The competition is open to iDesmo members. An iDesmo towel will be given to all members current on their dues. The towel must be visible (and readable) in the picture. The 2020 rally towels are white. Your motorcycle must be in the picture. Visible enough to ensure you rode to the location. “Your motorcycle” means your personally owned motorcycle. No fair flying to a faraway location and renting a bike for the picture.

In cases where a ‘location’ is a particular street, bridge, river crossing; some official marking must be visible and readable in the picture. For example, the location is a Wabash river crossing. A picture including a street sign, typically at the ends of the bridge, identifying the river would count for points. A picture of a motorcycle next to a river does not count.

Some of the objects may be in fences or on private property. Trespassing is against the rules. In cases where the description is “next to”, the item must be visible in the picture along with your motorcycle and towel.

If bonus points are available and you didn’t include the bonus items in the original submission, you may submit another picture to gain the bonus points.

Point System

5 Point locations

  • County courthouses. 5 points awarded for each distinct county courthouse. Include the county and state in your post.
  • State or national parks, recreational areas, wildlife refuges. A sign identifying the park must be visible and readable. Points are awarded for each distinct park.
  • Roadside historical markers.
  •  iDesmo group ride. Points awarded for each event you attend.
  • iDesmo monthly meetings. Points awarded for each event you attend.
  • With another,  non iDesmo, Ducati rider. Both bikes need to be in the picture.
  • Next to a waterfall.

10 Point locations

  • An amusement park.
  • The Story Inn.
  • Next to a mural painted on a building wall. Mural must fill the majority of the wall.
  • Next to an observatory. The dome or telescope must be visible.
  • Covered bridges. Bonus +5 points if the bridge is NOT red colored.
  • Drive in movie theater.
  • Motorcycle museum.
  • At a wind farm. Note box fans around your bike, in the garage does not count for this one.
  • Town/cities/census designated places that share the names of countries. The country name must be wholly contained in the name. Anagrams, abbreviations etc. do not count. (example: Peru Indiana)
  • Next to a dinosaur
  • Racetracks – any and all motorsport parks/tracks
  • Attending a track day or amateur race (as either a participant or spectator)

20 Point locations

  • Ducati dealerships. Points awarded for each unique dealership. The dealership sign with Ducati logo must be visible. It must be a Ducati dealership. A UJM dealership that happens to have a Ducati for sale doesn’t count.
  • At a philanthropic group ride (i.e. The Distinguished Gentleman’s ride). Include a note about the group the funds raised will go to.

50 Point locations

  • The Louisville slugger museum and factory.
  • Barber Motorsports Park.
  • At a formal rider training class. Note: some classes do not allow you to ride your bike. In those cases, one of your instructors may substitute for your motorcycle.
  • Next to the St. Louis arch.
  • Next to the dragon sculpture at the Crossroads of Time (Deal’s Gap)
  • AMA headquarters (Pickerington OH)
  • At the Nicky Hayden memorial in Owensboro Kentucky.

Themed (10 points)

  • Pig farm – where you can get a bucket of blood to drop on the weird, telekinetic girl.
  • Overlook – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Find a sign with the “overlook” on it.
  • Fire truck – needed to combat a young girl with  pyrokinesis.
  • Red balloon – we all float down here
  • Road construction site – no use fighting imminent domain
  • Pie shop – not a typical way to lose weight
  • Now hiring sign or job fair – no cars on the sidewalk
  • Building construction site – not a comfortable place to spend your last night
  • Wax museum – Obviously
  • Pet store – where you can get birds
  • Hockey mask – of course
  • Wood summer camp sign – the big, over the road, sign that the bus drives under at the beginning of the movie.
  • Crystal Lake – Find a sign/place with “crystal lake” in the name (bonus if Jason is also in the pic)
  • Bat – the animal, not a baseball/softball bat
  • A closed asylum
  • Chainsaw sharpening
  • Fortune teller
  • Sign containing a zodiac sign (name or symbol)
  • Cemetery next to a chapel
  • Sorority house
  • Nuclear power plant (fallout makes zombies)
  • High school gym
  • Motel sign with a letter burned out
  • Scare crow
  • A well
  • Cornfield
  • Hazmat placards – found on containers carrying the plague, explosives, viruses…
  • Double points for “Welcome to Salem” or “Welcome to Sleepy Hollow” signs